Why WhatsApp Status Limit is Only 15 Seconds?

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Why whatsapp status limit is only 15 seconds- WhatsApp is an instant messaging app with 600 million users. The Facebook-owned company made some changes to its app in January 2016: video and voice calls became available, and it is now possible to share status updates of only 15 seconds in the form of short videos or photos. This limit was adopted by Instagram when they introduced their own Snapchat-like update in June 2013: a service which allows you to add a caption and emoji under a picture.

One reason companies like Instagram and WhatsApp restrict user access is that the experience is likely to be more engaging compared with longer posts. A study published in 2014 found that 6-second videos get an average of 40% more likes than 15-second clips, and it may even pay off to make your video shorter. Another study suggests we consume information differently in short bursts: we focus on a single piece of information and process it better in comparison with when we receive lots of info at once. This can also be applied to company updates: people will stop scrolling when they don’t find anything interesting after only reading the first four or five words; this means you need well crafted headlines. And if you manage to do this, you can expect higher engagement.

The 15-second limit is also beneficial from a user perspective: making the time available for your status updates shorter makes users think twice about what they can share and makes them more selective in their posts—which may be a good thing as Facebook will only show the most engaging content to others. And with 600 million daily active users on WhatsApp, it’s not hard to understand why they would want to use that space as productively as possible.

Pew Research revealed that 44% of American adults get news from social media services such as Facebook and Twitter compared with 37% in 2013. In India, Whatsapp has 140 million monthly active users as of 2016, which means people are increasingly finding out about what’s going on in their friends’ lives through status updates. It makes sense that companies are looking for ways to keep users engaged, so they can sell ad space or subscriptions.

Competing social media services have also adopted the 15 seconds limit, including YouTube videos shorts which are limited to 60 seconds as of now, Snapchat stories which are limited to 24 hours, LinkedIn posts which are limited to 5000 characters, Instagram posts without captions which are limited by default.

Why WhatsApp Status Limit is Only 15 Seconds

Reason Why WhatsApp Status Limit Feature is 15 Seconds long?

Whatsapp is only instant messaging app while other services are based on posting pictures as well as videos, text status as well as stories. This means that users will have more opportunities to post something interesting in those services because they can upload videos or texts or photos etc. In WhatsApp all you can do is type a short message which makes people write less.

How long the 15 seconds feature will last in WhatsApp?

It’s hard to say. Instagram kept their 15-second video limit for over three years, until the longest length videos were increased to 60 seconds in January 2017. By now, Instagram has 700 million users, so it might have been worth making longer videos available. Our guess is that WhatsApp will change the limit soon—perhaps at the same time they increase the character limits of texts—since they are probably facing similar challenges as other social media companies that have gone through this process. One source says there are plans for a premium service where you could have your posts appear before everyone else. And maybe if Facebook removes spammy updates straight away—on both Facebook and WhatsApp—users won’t feel overloaded with information?

There will be changes in the future, but how long will they last is another story.

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