Whatsapp vs. Telegram: Which one is best for you {Detailed Comparison}

WhatsApp Vs Telegram- Which App is Better For Messaging {Comparison}
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WhatsApp vs Telegram: WhatsApp and Telegram are the platforms that provide you a quick way to do instant messaging and are created in a way that makes communication simple and fast. Both app has its own versions of web and mobile and that is the reason that texting can be done on multiple devices easily, also this feature of the apps makes them valued and popular among users. Both the apps show up read and delivery confirmation, and also provide users an option to create group chats and make voice calls. Even though these both apps have quite common similarities, still there are some of the differences between these two popular apps that are named as Whatsapp and Telegram. 

WhatsApp Messenger is certainly the stupendous in instant messaging but it also has one competitor which is quite same and also has similar features, and that is Telegram. Telegram Messenger has proven itself as a great WhatsApp alternative and it has now gained a good user base of up to million active users.

Many users are now moving from WhatsApp to Telegram. There’s a reason for it because of which Telegram is becoming quite popular among its users and that’s why people are looking for this app and downloading and installing it on their device.

  • Telegram App’s programming system, as we know; is encoded highly and is cloud-based. So that your important files are not lost anywhere and its security feature is best as compared to Whatsapp. So, let’s know more about Telegram app.
  • Telegram application permits you to interface its informing framework from numerous gadgets, including the personal computer. 
  • Telegram is advanced as a program that is undeniably more ensured than WhatsApp, 
  • The administration uses multi-information foundation and encryption. 
  • Channel in Wire is a fresh out of the plastic new innovation on moment dispatcher showcasing. 
  • You can change over your Structure to a Super Gathering to incorporate up to 5000 individuals.

In spite of the fact that Wire program authoritatively has only an Android alongside an iOS program out, it additionally includes a Programming interface, which software engineers have used to discharge numerous informal programs for various projects like Windows Telephone, Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Now let’s dive deeper into the WhatsApp vs Telegram app comparison;

Whatsapp vs Telegram/ which one is best for you?

Secret chatting:

Telegram app program has a falling to pieces informing quality known as Mystery Talks. While it is conceivable to talk ordinarily with your companions, you will be able to send in falling to pieces messages on Secret chat as well.

When you trade messages along these lines, this app ensures that nothing has signed onto its own servers. It is conceivable to plan your messages and connections to fall to pieces in minutes, days or months, from the finishes. Basically this will leave no trace of this message ever having existed.

You’re ready to send records like pictures, archives, sound clasps and considerably more to your contacts as well as gatherings of up to more than 100 people. 

You can utilize various bots to make your Message all the more impressive.

Plan of action: 

WhatsApp is a Facebook auxiliary and used to charge a little expense for a “year permit” to the end clients, presently bearers pay for that, including the ‘boundless WhatsApp’ plans, as our data is important for them. 

Wire has an increasingly open source-the same model, in light of gifts and in every case free for the end client.

Access from numerous gadgets: 

WhatsApp is open from its web-empowered interface, however this interface is restricted, don’t function admirably across various accessible present day web Programs, and needs the telephone to be on and really associated with versatile information or a similar Wi-Fi, imperiling its battery life and making the Internet application unusable in the event that you came up short on battery. 

Whatsapp vs. Telegram- Which one is best for you {Detailed Comparison}

WhatsApp vs Telegram

Message has its own establishment based cross-stage customer, and can be gotten to from a PC or Tablet regardless of which operating system (Linux, Windows, iOS, Android) and regardless of if your telephone has no battery or information association.

File sharing: 

You can just exchange certain size of sound/video or file records on WhatsApp. WhatsApp as of late made conceivable to share by means of web or versatile certain report record types (PDFs and other office or regular “work area” utilized arrangements), yet they must be accessible on the sending parties nearby memory to have the option to be downloaded (if client sending the documents or media erases record from their telephone, you won’t have the option to download them). 

This app presents to 1 GB of continuous information moves between clients. So practically any record, media or any sort of document can be shared among Wire. Both on the off chance that they are on your portable SD card or PC’s work area or organizers, with no issue regardless of whether the sending parties erases the document from their gadget in the wake of sending it.

“Mystery talk” or “Secret chat” highlight: 

WhatsApp absences of any private discussion or improved protection abilities. It just does back up as far as anyone knows “start to finish” encryption, and evidently crosses client information and utilization measurements with other Facebook administrations and applications. 

Telegram app bolsters exceptionally scrambled (start to finish encryption) “mystery talk” messages. A client welcomes other gathering of a secret chat, where messages are erased after a chose time-frame of being perused, and are not put away on cloud servers or neighborhood reserve. Texts and traded pictures can’t be sent.

Feature of Voice or video call:

WhatsApp has a video or voice call highlight, however it’s a considerable amount inconsistent as information pressure could be better (utilizes a considerable amount of portable information or data) and quality isn’t the best. 

Telegram app absences of feature of video call, however it includes a voice call highlight with very better sound quality.

Welcome warning to your mobiles contacts: 

WhatsApp don’t let you know whether contacts on your location book have joined WhatsApp instantly. 

Telegram app tells you instantly whenever an account is activated by any of your contacts user. It tends to be in some cases helpful to “make up for lost time” with more established contacts, however some others probably won’t care for this element.

Gatherings conduct and generally speaking limit: 

WhatsApp underpins 100 individuals for every gathering and there is just one of them who is the gathering administrator and has option to welcome other new individuals. 

You can share pictures (enormous recordings must be cut so as to be sent), recordings, contacts (simpler than Telegram), and area and sound documents. 

Telegram bolsters up to 200 individuals for every gathering. There is a gathering administrator, yet everybody of them can welcome different individuals. 

Telegram app additionally shows the quantity of online clients in a Gathering discussion (not actually who is on the web however at any rate how much individuals are taking an interest inside the talk room). You can share pictures, recordings, area AND reports. Telegram has a higher exchange limit, so essentially all recordings can be obliged for transfer. You can share recordings, pictures, contacts (with certain issues and challenges however it winds up working), area, sound documents, and archives or any sort of record on your SD card or PC’s work area or envelopes.

On-gadget support 

WhatsApp absences of on-gadget support. They “re-appropriate” backing to your portable bearer. 

Telegram has an on-gadget bolster talk (go to Settings — Pose an inquiry) where developers answer any inquiry (not on a real-time basis, yet helpful). 


WhastApp has a ‘Top pick’ contacts tab – indicating just the ones utilizing WhatsApp – and another ‘Contacts’ tab demonstrating all the contacts put away on the telephone. 

Message sorts both these contacts on a similar screen, isolating them by demonstrating the ones with the application on head of other people who don’t. 

Undesirable “default” alternatives: 

WhatsApp has a default status message: “Hello there! I am using WhatsApp.” 

Telegram does not include this feature by default.


WhatsApp is helpless to hacks and assaults. Furthermore, their safety efforts are only no counterpart for Message. 

WhatsApp Vs Telegram- The Better Messaging App To use

WhatsApp Vs Telegram

The producers of Telegram app are so sure about its security that they offer a $200,000 prize to any individual who can break into MTProto, the foundation of Message stage. 

Message Broadcasting to huge crowds: 

Telegram included the 22th September 2015, the Channels highlight, a device for broadcasting messages to bigger crowds. Channels can have a boundless number of individuals, they can be open with a changeless URL and each post in a channel has its own view counter. 

Whatsapp has a constrained telecom device to communicate something specific across the contacts list.


Bots are extraordinary Telegram app accounts intended to deal with messages consequently. Clients can cooperate with bots by sending them order messages in private or gathering talks. You control your bots utilizing HTTPS solicitations to our bot Programming interface. 

WhatsApp don’t have an open Programming interface or bot feature.

Protection and Security

With the procurement of WhatsApp by Facebook – individuals are getting progressively dubious of the stage’s security limit. WhatsApp guaranteed start to finish encryption, however late reports developed recommending that spy malware had been made that could hack into and screen individuals’ records – explicitly in this detailed case, and government officials 

Telegram, then again, is a multi-stage informing application that permits the client to send scrambled and “falling to pieces” messages – which means a message or photograph will vanish after  a predetermined time-frame. 

Not at all like WhatsApp, Telegram users have an open “username” – guaranteeing that security can be ensured. It is conceivable to have discussions on Wire without requiring a client’s telephone number.

Final Verdict

So, this is the detailed comparison of WhatsApp vs Telegram. In outline, as per me both Telegram and Whatsapp are better with their own pros and cons. One can use any app as per their convenience. In some features WhatsApp is better than Telegram whereas in other situation Telegram beats WhatsApp. But in any case, Telegram app isn’t celebrated like Whatsapp. However all in all, Telegram lags behind WhatsApp because the platform doesn’t provides video call and also has a smaller user base.

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