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WhatsApp Transparent apk

Communication plays a very important role in everyone’s life as it basically enables us to convey our ideas, opinions, beliefs about a particular topic or agenda. It can also be defined as a way to develop an understanding among people. For anything to occur smoothly, one needs to communicate his/her ideas well to the people or the group so that everyone clearly understands so as to what they need to perform. It is crucial to the existence of human civilization. Also it can be defined as a process of creating and sharing ideas, views, facts and feelings to reach a common understanding.

The advancement in the field of science and technology has improved the communication process and has actually made lives easier and communication faster. The electronic communication has proved to be successful in reducing time and distance as obstacles to communication. Our changing lives that demand us to be always on our toes need faster modes of communication that can ease most of the stress. Digitalisation or technological up gradation has also made communication reliable as they reach instantly with absolutely minimal errors. Also it enhances interaction among people which boosts their personality and provides with opportunity.

One such product of this digitalization of communication is Whatsapp. It is an American messenger app which is commonly used by people all over the globe for official purposes and also for interacting with their loved ones. It has been originally developed by Brian Acton and Jan Kaum but is currently owned by Facebook. It enables its users to send texts, images, make video calls and voice calls and also share files and media of any type.

Even though WhatsApp is a very popular messaging application all around the globe, it still lacks certain features or has got some problems that must be fixed for a better performance and to also cater to the needs and demands of this changing world and work life. To address these problems, MOD versions or modified versions of various applications are developed by software developers that are easy to use and offer far more features than the original application. There are various mod versions of WhatsApp available such as WhatsApp plus, GBWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, OGWhatsApp apk etc. They provide certain essential and exciting features that attract the users and make things easier and effective for them. Here in this article, we are going to talk about one such WhatsApp mods i.e., WhatsApp Transparent.

What is WhatsApp transparent APK?

WhatsApp transparent APK is a new latest mod version of WhatsApp. GB plus WhatsApp is one of the popular mods of WhatsApp but still has got various issues that need to be addressed. So to modify and all such errors, the developers have restructured GBPlus Transparent with extra features which is known as WhatsApp transparent apk. It can run on Android 4.0+.

Latest Version WhatsApp transparent APK For Android Download Mod

Features of WhatsApp transparent APK

Some of the salient features of this modified version of WhatsApp which will blow your mind and will compel you to think about considering using this app for at least once. Those features are:

  • In WhatsApp transparent, the overall performance is enhanced. One can easily chat with friends, share images and videos with a very smooth experience. The main feature that is loved by the users is the app’s user interface which is highly improved in performance and has also upgraded with a fresh look.
  • One thing that people are usually concerned about is the privacy. To solve this worry, WhatsApp Transparent comes with many privacy features. One can be more private and secure over this modified whatsapp. Some features like who can call you and freeze the last seen at one time in the chats are also added for the users. 
  • It provides with a better customization with a lot of features. Customization is basically about setting themes, stickers, icons, status, setting group participants, etc. In WhatsApp Transparent one can have a wide variety of freshly updated themes and sticker available in comparison to the official app. The best part is that all these customizations can be accessed without any issues unlike many of the other mods of WhatsApp.
  • It has got improved and better hidden features. These features are essential for the convenience of the user. It helps in hiding status view, one can hide the blue tick while chatting, one can even hide the second tick for the delivered message. In addition to these, one can also hide their online status, date and time can also be hidden while copying the message. We can hide the forward message while forwarding any text as well. These are just amazing features that many users have been looking and now have access due to WhatsApp Transparent apk.
  • It has also got Do not disturb mode and anti ban system. Do not disturb is one of the best feature but in this application, it has been modified to a great extent so user face no bugs or error. Using this will help in reducing risk of getting banned like other modified versions.
  • With this apk mod, one can share files on larger scale that is up to 1 GB of files at a time without disturbing or losing the quality. Also large number of images can be shared which also makes it more user friendly.

What makes WhatsApp transparent APK so special?

So, WhatsApp transparent APK is the newly designed WhatsApp mod which contains very few errors unlike previous mod versions. It has got more number of features than others. Also it has got better execution than other applications.

Also, it has got a special feature that is anti – revoke feature. By using this feature one can easily see deleted messages sent by others in our chats without any issue. We can access the permanently deleted messages from the chat. In the original application, after one deletes messages in a specific time limit, we cannot see it again but thankfully this is not the case with this amazing mod. This feature also works the same with statuses as we can also see the deleted status of our contacts.

Steps for installation- How to Install WhatsApp Transparent for Android?

Now we know about all the exciting features of this modified version, we also need to know the steps for installation of the application. The steps for installation are as follows:

Step 1- Download the APK file from below-you won’t find the application on the play store so one needs to download the file from any web search engine.


Step 2- Enable unknown source-the file will get store one the Android mobile phone, accepts the unknown sources file. This can be changed in the mobile settings.

Step 3- Go to downloads icon and select the APK file-you need to select the APK file from the downloads and press the install button. It will take few minutes to complete the process.

Step 4- Enter phone number and verify-you must enter your mobile number and then enter the one time password obtained. Now you can start using the app.

Note- Before using the mod version one must back up the chat and data from original application so that you don’t miss out on important things, and restore it once the mod version is installed.

We, at WhatsAppmod, don’t encourage anyone to use any type of mods in their device. We have shared this article about the WhatsApp Transparent mod to inform and educate the users regarding its features and benefits. You will be solely responsible for any issues that might occur in your device. Even though the app is safe to install, Download it at your own discretion as using any mods of WhatsApp is against the policy of official WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before starting to use this application a user must also go through some frequently asked queries that are very much relevant to the functions and applicability of WhatsApp transparent.

Ques: Is WhatsApp transparent APK application safe to use?

Answer: It is safe to use. It does not require another rooted device to run itself; also it does not contain harmful malware which may slow down the working of the application.

Ques: Why is this application not available on Application stores online?

Answer: It is not available on the Google Play store because it is an unofficially developed application. Also it has got a third party intervention as it is developed by someone other than WhatsApp originally, that is why it is not available on official App stores.


So this is it. This was a detailed review about the newly developed modified version of WhatsApp application that is WhatsApp transparent APK. It offers wide variety of features that actually leave the users thinking about at least try using it for once. So hope this article was helpful in providing necessary information. You can also download WhatsApp Transparent for PC

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