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WhatsApp Plus APK For Android- Latest Version APK (100% Anti-Ban)

WhatsApp Plus APK For Android Latest Version APK (100% Anti-Ban)
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WhatsApp Plus- With WhatsApp being used by over billions of users, we are sure you are part of that. There is absolutely no way as to how one can own a smartphone without WhatsApp installed. It has been one of the most popularly used social media platform which is owned by Facebook for communication with people around the world. All you need is a smartphone and a number, of course, to get yourself the asset of the app. From voice chat, video calls, texting, emojis, sending media and even more, WhatsApp is probably the best platform available. But most of us do wish we had better enhancement in terms of the features like changing themes, sending larger files and much more.

For this purpose, choosing WhatsApp Plus is the right thing. Everything is just about the same, but it is with the features we are sure you would have loved after going through them. They are available as APKs for Android users and they make it even better to chat on with those emoticons and other hidden features that you would just have to get your hands on. Though it is unsure about the legality, there are still users who are using this platform and making the best out of it. Try out yourself to get yourself the appealing platform that you will regret if you miss it.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about WhatsApp mod “WhatsApp Plus” that offers many amazing features that is yet not available on official WhatsApp. So without any delay, lets’ start.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp plus is a modified version of WhatsApp messaging app. It is quite similar to WhatsApp but offers more and better features in comparison to the official app. It offers you lots of benefits or extra features that you needed. Rather than using the old themes given in the official app, in WhatsApp plus the user get the option to try more than 800+ themes. Also, you can customize these theme as you want which makes your experience even better. Whatsapp plus is one of the most popular mods of WhatsApp. It is very easy to install this app, rooting your device is not necessary to install this app. The app is also free from malware and report. In case any misuse occurs you can complaint about it in WhatsApp plus.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

Coming to the features, we are sure that you would just love this one over the original WhatsApp. Apart from the look and basic features which are there in the original version, here are some unique features which we are sure you would fall in love with.

  • How would you like it if you can customize your user interface by selecting any theme you like? We understand the old standard theme of WhatsApp might not be appealing but with WhatsApp Plus, you can change it to a great visual. You can change the text color, graphics and even buttons.
  • There are over 700+ themes for you to choose from and are automatically arranged according to name, version and date.
  • Make your chat more lively with emojis. Conversations are always better with emoticons or emoji so spice up your chat with these. The only downside is that the person you are sending it should have this app for them to view it.
  • In the original version, we were given the feature to hide our status except for the part where it shows us “online”. But with Plus, you can hide out even your online status as well. Now no one would know if you are active or not even if you are in the app.
  • Eliminate that annoying pop up that arises whenever you send files above 16MB by using Plus where you can share content up to 50MB.
  • You can even remove out the recording status or hide it from others
  • Auto-reply feature lets you to create, set and send automatic messages that you want to send people.
  • You do have the benefit of checking out your history and log which wasn’t possible in the original version.

There are even more features but that would be even better if you check out for yourself. We are sure that these features would surely make you want to install and try it out.

How Is It Different From WhatsApp?

As we had introduced you, this is a modified version of WhatsApp which provides you with more functionalities and features. It was introduced in the year 2012 by Rafalete who had created this version by changing up the basic code and introduced a new user interface. So, what makes this better than WhatsApp? There are several reasons as to why you would probably want to switch over yourself to the WhatsApp Plus. Primarily and mainly, it is for the features it offers you.

Latest Version WhatsApp Plus APK For Android APK Download

People always expect more, and they want to go to better ones. To satisfy that, WhatsApp Plus is for those who want to make their social life better. Another thing is that WhatsApp Plus is absolutely free. There isn’t any sort of charges held on you even though they are proposing something grander than what the regular version provides. Moreover, you don’t have to compromise on the end-to-end encryption either. Let us take a look at the features.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus Apk on Android?

Below we’ve shared the steps for you to easily install WhatsApp plus apk on your android device:

Step1- Click on the apk link given below and download the application.


Step 2- Enable the Unknown sources from your settings tab to allow the apk install in your device.

Step 2- Install the application from the downloads folder.

Step 3- Open the app and verify with your phone number as you do in WhatsApp.

Step 4- Allow the asked permissions, and set up your account.

Step 5- You can see the app similar to WhatsApp but with various extra features. 

Is It Safe To Use?

Yes, this app belongs to anti ban community. It is also free from malware and if you find any difficulty using it you have right to report the error.

We, at WhatsAppmod, don’t encourage anyone to use any type of mods in their device. We have shared this article about the WhatsApp Plus mod to inform and educate the users regarding its features and benefits. You will be solely responsible for any issues that might occur in your device. Even though the app is safe to install, Download it at your own discretion as using any mods of WhatsApp is against the policy of official WhatsApp.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve shared some frequently asked questions related to WhatsApp Plus:

Ques: Will my data be safe while using this application?

Answer: Yes, everything is safe here. You have additional options to add security to your account. Just you have to go to setting and check for privacy and security in order to have additional security.

Ques: Is it freely available or contains any hidden cost?

Answer: No, it’s absolutely free there is no hidden cost. You just go through the above steps and you can successfully install it.

 Ques: For which android version whatsApp plus app supports?

Answer: You must have your smartphone loaded with android version 4.4+.

Ques: Is it possible to have whatsApp plus and whatsApp together?

Answer: No, you have to use any one of them. Don’t worry whatsApp plus have option to switch between multiple accounts.

Ques: How can I change themes?

Answer: One of the best feature of WhatsApp plus is that it allows you to create a theme of your own and customize it. It lets you to work on every single part of the app and you can change the theme to your own choice or liking.

Ques: How can I report the error?

Answer: You can report the error by contacting the developers from the app itself under the option “Help”.


At last, looking after the benefits and features. This app belongs to the “must install apps”. Go for it and explore the new culture of WhatsApp. I call current WhatsApp traditional because it is not allowing its user to include new features. Once you try this app you stick to it just like a sponge sticks to stone. And you forget all about previous one, I guarantee you. The modified modded versions are always best. Install WhatsApp plus and enjoy the creative features in it to serve you best.

Now don’t just read, follow the steps mentioned and have hazel free experience. No one is going to charge you to have this app. By applying various themes and changing app icon soothe your eyes and make the traditional WhatsApp user feel jealous. Be ready to start your journey with WhatsApp plus!

Hope you’ve installed the app successfully on your device. If you still face any difficulty, you can ask us via the comment section given below. We would be happy to help. You can also install WhatsApp plus for pc.

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