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17+ Best WhatsApp Mods APK For Android in 2021 (100% Free)

Best WhatsApp Mods APK For Android and Ios
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Want to get more features in your Whatsapp, but the official one doesn’t provide one? Do you wish to mesmerize your friends by using options which are not available in the standard WhatsApp ? Well, you can do so by downloading any of the below whatsapp mods. WhatsApp Mods are applications that are based on WhatsApp. They include the basic messaging feature along with other awesome options. They include features that are not seen in the official Whatsapp application. These mods are developed by third-party developers and individuals. In this article we’re going to discuss about the various popular and best Whatsapp mods and their features.

What are WhatsApp Mods?

WhatsaApp Mods are the forked versions of official WhatsApp that offers lots of premium features to its users. Since the official WhatsApp puts lots of restrictions for its users like, one cannot download someone else’s status, can’t send large files, not possible to add more members in group than fixed, and so on. One can try these forked versions that we’ll be sharing about in this article that you can use to avail all those benefits that are not available on the official version. 

Features of WhatsApp

Some of the features of WhatsApp are as:

WhatsApp Group invite

The informing stage as of late included the gathering greeting framework. This protection alternative permits clients to control who can add them to gatherings. The choices incorporate “Everybody”, “My Contacts”, and “My Contacts Except”. The subsequent choice methods the companions you have in your location book can add you to gatherings. The third one gives extra control to who among your contacts can add you to a gathering. In those cases, an administrator who wouldn’t be able to add you to a gathering will be incited to send a private welcome through an individual visit. 

WhatsApp Audio picker include 

The organization presented this component with another UI. The update permitted clients to pick and send a sum of 30 sound documents on the double. This component likewise bolsters sound see and picture see (if collection workmanship is accessible) without influencing the choice procedure. 

Group video/voice call 

The organization presented bunch requiring its clients permitting them to add more clients to a call. This year, Android clients got a committed call button on their WhatsApp bunch visits. The devoted call catch can be utilized to make gathering or voice calls by including the members at the same time. You simply need to tap on the call button, at that point tap on the names of individuals you need to take an interest in call. Note that the absolute number of clients in a gathering call would not be able to surpass four. 

Fingerprint lock

This element was as of late added to the Android application. In the event that you use WhatsApp’s finger print, at that point it will request that you validate your unique mark put away in the OS.

Voice messages 

This element was most readily accessible on the iOS variant of WhatsApp. The organization later included the voice Messages playback highlight to its Android application as well. It permits a client to play voice messages naturally, rather than playing a voice message physically. Besides, one doesn’t need to make any move as the application will tell clients with a sound after the principal voice message. After the sound, the subsequent voice message will be played naturally. It ought to be noticed that this element is right now accessible on the beta adaptation of WhatsApp.

Mute chats and groups

In the event that you are on a gathering that sends an excessive number of messages across or if your companion sends you such a large number of undesirable messages, you can essentially quiet the gathering or contact to quit alarming you. You can decide to quiet the sound alarm or the warning separately. The messages will come in however will possibly give you when you start WhatsApp. Select the contact or gathering and pick the ‘quiet’ alternative from the menu.

Although the application is close to perfect, people ask for more and more, so there are few mods and alternatives available on the internet for the purposes. These modified (mods) have different features unavailable in the official app so people tend to these alternatives. But there are few poblems while using apps like these.

Risks using whatsapp alternates

You may have seen numerous individuals utilizing various sorts of Whatsapp on their cell phones, those applications have been very altered and have more highlights, yet such WhatsApp Apps are not official and not secure. I’m discussing WhatsApp Mods like GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, which are accessible on the web, not on Google Play. In the event that you are utilizing such altered applications, kindly don’t utilize or expel it from your gadget because of the reasons beneath.

In the event that you introduce the informal altered Whatsapp APK on your gadget, it won’t be overwritten on the official application, it very well may be utilized with so you can utilize a few WhatsApp accounts in an Android gadget, on the off chance that your motivation is to get numerous WhatsApp accounts in a single gadget, at that point why not use applications like Parallel Space.

Coming up next are the reasons why you ought not introduce the Whatsapp Modified (Mod) application on your Android cell phone or tablet gadgets:

Your message likely isn’t secure

Whatsapp mod applications have sent and gotten your message through the authority Whatsapp server, like the authority application, however this is definitely not a 100% assurance that your messages are not experiencing outsider servers. Your private information can use for terrible, so please make an effort to remain safe while utilizing such informal applications.

WhatsApp Mods is possibly destructive

As per BGR, the ‘WhatsApp Plus’ application contains connections to obscure sites, demonstrating that the application is speaking with outsider servers. In the event that you utilize such an application, you will be answerable for your protection spillage. Whatsapp Mod application can introduce adware on your gadget, even the pilfered site that you use to download such changed application can introduce malware on your gadget.

Update isn’t accessible through Google play

In addition, Gold, and other WhatsApp mods are informal, they are not carefully allowed in the Google Play Store, so those altered applications cannot be refreshed through Google Play. You should visit the outsider destinations to download the most recent variant of WhatsApp mod application, and afterward introduce it physically. You may confront unsafe promotions and malware on pilfered destinations, so it’s difficult to refresh your application without Google Play.

When the new Whatsapp application rendition (with new highlights) has formally shown up on Google Play, this won’t be quickly accessible for your changed variant application, you should hold up until the most recent overhauled adaptation is given by the unapproved engineer.

You can be restricted whenever

Whatsapp has limited clients from utilizing their altered unapproved form of the application, even many individuals were featured on this issue in online networks and discussions. The official help page says, “Whatsapp Plus isn’t an official form, and it can keep you from utilizing the administration”. In the event that you are limited, if it’s not too much trouble introduce an official rendition from Google Play or Whatsapp.com and following 24 hours you will have the option to utilize the administration.

Informal engineer may incorporate promotions

As indicated by the official archive, Whatsapp Messenger is totally free (and consistently). The organization expels the participation charge, and I accept, they will never show commercials ever again. Be that as it may, there is no such data about the unapproved engineer, which issues WhatsApp mod applications.

It’s anything but an assurance that the informal Whatsapp application will be sans promotion perpetually, much the same as the official adaptation. So as to produce income, unapproved designers may remember promotions for their adjusted applications whenever.

Best WhatsApp Mods

Some of the best whatsapp mods are as follows:

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is one of the earliest mods of WhatsApp. It contains many many awesome features which are not featured in the official WhatsApp. The app has an auto-reply feature which can be used to reply automatically anytime. It also has an amazing ‘Do Not Disturb’ option in which case users won’t get disturbed by the notifications when they are not using WhatsApp. Users can broadcast text messages directly to groups. They can add filters and other effects to their photos and videos before sending them to others. Users can send more than 90 pictures at a time and 50MB video and a 100MB audio clips.

GB Whatsapp Best WhatsApp Mods APK For Android and Ios

best whatsapp mods

In addition to all these, this mod offers some cool themes as well as fonts. This mod also allows users to download media from the status of their contacts. Users can revoke multiple messages at a time. They can also select all the chats right from the home screen. The images will be sent and received in the best high resolution. Status in WhatsApp allows only upto 139 characters whereas GB WhatsApp allows upto 255 characters in ones’ status. GB WhatsApp is available in as much as 45 languages. It can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices by downloading their particular files. 

WhatsApp Plus Mod

WhatApp Plus is another best Whatsapp mods having some amazing features. It gives many options to users while keeping the end-to-end encryption for communication. It was launched in 2012 by Rafalete who is a developer and an XDA senior. The app is very versatile and avails many customizations. Its whole UI is customizable. Users can modify the colors and types of buttons, text, etc. More than 400 colorful themes and wallpapers are also available in the app for free. Users can change these anytime they want. Using this app, users can hide their ‘online’ or ‘last seen’ or ‘recording’ status from specific contacts and groups.

This way they can use the app without anybody interrupting. It has a ‘Cleaner’ option which shuns out all the useless data cluttered around. The app also gives awesome wallpapers which users can keep on their chat background. It also has this interesting feature called ‘History’ which keeps track of your activities on the app just like in Facebook, etc. The app has more number of detailed emoticons then the official WhatsApp.

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is an amazing app developed by Fouad Apps that offers much more options than the official WhatsApp messaging app. Many types of customization are possible, i.e. users can change the color of their background. They can even add different themes of their choice. The graphics of icons of different buttons can also be changed. Some privacy options are also given such as users can hide their ‘online’, ‘last seen’, ‘blue ticks’, ‘double ticks’, etc. They can disable the video calling feature. Users can also enable the password option where password will be needed in order to open the app.

FM Whatsapp Best WhatsApp Mods APK For Android and Ios

best whatsapp mods

This adds one more layer of security for the app. The app allows users to send messages to not only saved contacts but also unsaved contacts. Users can pin up to 100 chats in this app and can even change the color of their groups. There are also security options to lock the app by using password. There’s a bigger disadvantage of this app i.e. the developers can view your messages. This messes with your privacy. Other than that, all the features of the app are amazing.

WhatsApp MA

WhatsApp MA is also one of the best WhatsApp mods that has some additional features. Some of them include sharing of media to more than 5 members at a time, more privacy and better UI. Users can hide their online status from specific contacts anytime. Users also have an option of auto-answer wherein the app automatically answers. The group size can also be exceeded upto 256 members. Users can send adjust the font size as per their choice.

The app also have a private space wherein users can chat privately. Archived chats can also be hidden. Users can preview files before downloading which is a good feature. They can delete unnecessary junk files and logs right from the app itself. Users can distinguish between their normal and broadcast messages. They can also keep a lock on the app to protect it from intruders. The number of members that can be added in the group video call is also more than that can be included in the call.

OG WhatsApp

OG WhatsApp is one of the popular WhatsApp mods that includes some amazing features. It is a simple yet secured modded application of WhatsApp. It comes with a built-in message scheduler which will automatically send a particular set of message/s at a time entered by user. This feature will need a stable and secure connection to work. All other features of official WhatsApp such as send and receiving of media, online calls and video calls, etc. are also available.

Users can also download the status kept by other contacts of users. This feature is not available in the official WhatsApp account. This app also allows to exceed the characters in the name of the group to 35 characters. Users can block just the calls from a particular person and not the entire contact. This means that the blocked person will still be able to send user the messages. Users can send upto 90 HD images at a time.

AZ WhatsApp

AZ WhatsApp is a modded WhatsApp application. This application includes a load of options. It gives a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode which will cut off the internet connection to your application. This way users won’t receive any messages. There are even a bunch of fonts given which can be chosen from the app. Users can get privacy by hiding the blue ticks, double ticks, online status, typing status or even recording status. About 3000 themes are given in the app, users can choose any of them for absolutely free.

The app can be locked by using the app lock which is given right in the app. This app also has an anti-delete feature which will not allow senders to delete the messages. Users can even keep a password for specific chats. This way even if someone enters the app won’t be able to access the actual conversation. Users can mingle with the UI and set up their own background, icons, fonts, themes, status bar, navigation bar, etc.

Soula WhatsApp

Soula WhatsApp is a modded WhatsApp application developed by Sommer Damous. Unlike others, this app has two versions of itself – Lite and Official. The app is stable, secured, and fast. Users can keep the size of their status bigger. They can even send texts to not just their saved contacts but also the unsaved ones. Files having different formats can also be sent via this app. Users can use the number of emojis given in the app. They have the anti-delete feature for deleting status or story. Users can also download the statuses uploaded by their contacts.    

Dark and light modes are also available for the application. Animated stickers can also be used in chats. Moreover, it also supports all the basic features such as video calling, media sharing, online calling, etc. This app can also work on desktop i.e. on web so syncing of chats is also possible. One can share video files of upto 700MB size with their friends and family. Image quality will not be changed when you share it on this app.

Yo WhatsApp

Yo WhatsApp is a great modded WhatsApp application which has some grea t features in it. The app supports many languages. Users can converse in as much as 100 different languages. Users can set any image as a background of their chats in this app. They can also change the color of the various ticks. Users can also change the color of the font of the group member’s name. There is also a theme gallery present in the app from which users can choose and apply.

YO Whatsapp Best WhatsApp Mods APK For Android and Ios

best whatsapp mods

Users have complete control over UI in this app. Files having size of upto 700MB can be shared. Users can also hide the blue ticks. They can pin more than 1000 chats. Users can modify the type of font and color of their status and name. The status can be 250 characters long. Users can even zoom the profile pictures. They can use hundreds of emojis present in the app.

We, at WhatsAppmod, don’t encourage anyone to use any type of mods in their device. We have shared this article about the best WhatsApp mods to inform and educate the users regarding its features and benefits. You will be solely responsible for any issues that might occur in your device. Even though the app is safe to install, Download it at your own discretion as using any mods of WhatsApp is against the policy of official WhatsApp.

YC WhatsApp

YC WhatsApp is another best WhatsApp mods application that allows users to get Instagram like interface. It will give iOS like experience. Users can send video files having size of up to 650MB or about 30 minutes. One can send texts to upto 500 people at a time. Users can customize the font, color, size, themes, etc, so basically users can customize the UI. They can control the video calling option as well as hide ticks. There is also no need to save any number to send WhatsApp messages on it. If the number is using WhatsApp then also it’ll get the message even it is not saved. Users can even hide their typing, recording, etc status. The quality of the images will not degrade when you share it with others. Users can even hide their last seen status. The apk is scanned by many viruses which proves that the apk is safe to download.

WhatsApp Indigo

WhatsApp Indigo is an altered rendition of the online messaging app WhatsApp. Users have a great deal of privacy here. One can turn off their blue ticks so that the receiver doesn’t know whether you’ve read the message or not. Users can forward messages to upto 5 people at a time. Groups having size of up to 300 members can be formed. Status having size of up to 256 characters can be uploaded.  Media files having size of up to 1GB can be shared. Users can clear up all the outdated emojis. GIF’s sharing is also available in the app. Images and video can be sent in HD quality without losing its quality. 

ZE WhatsApp

ZE WhatsApp is a modded WhatsApp application which will give users control to customize their application. There are many built-in themes which are easy to download and apply in the app. Users can send upto 90 images at a time and can upload statuses of up to 250 characters. It can send videos having size of up to 50MB. It can download other people’s status and stories. Also, it has a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode which will not disturb the users by sending notifications. The app also  supports the ability to make group calls. Users can hide their ‘Last Seen’, ‘Online’, ‘Typing’, ‘Recording’ status. It also supports usage of stickers, etc. Users can download as well as copy other contact’s status.

Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp is an alternate version of WhatsApp that gives more features than the official WhatsApp application. Users can choose wallpapers/background images for their chat or their screen. Users can even keep a wallpaper for groups. They can also select the color of their choice and apply to tabs. They can even pick a different color for pending messages. Users can also change the color of the date on the screen. Users can even change the document text color on the screen.

This app is also working in Azerbaijani and Arabic language other than English. The app offers anti-delete feature which will allow users to avoid accidentally deleting messages. The app also have a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode which will not disturb the users by sending notifications. Users can also choose to select themes without even wallpaper. Themes are available in the theme store within the app which users can download to apply.

Gio WhatsApp

Gio WhatsApp is a another mod of the WhatsApp application. Users can control some privacy such as they can control whether or not particular contacts can see your status ‘online’. Despite of this, you can still view their status. Users can even disable the blue ticks option. Users can even hide the call or record button from the app. They can copy the status kept by the contacts. Users can keep backup of their media on the app and can also change the font, color, size, etc of their texts. Users can even make the transparent interface. It has anti-ban protection. Thus, the app gives users control to make the app interface customizable.

Transparent WhatsApp

Transparent WhatsApp is a modded version of WhatsApp having more features than the official WhatsApp. It provides great privacy with better UI and performance. Users can send as much as 90 media files at a time. It has a ‘Do Not Disturb’ option which will not disturb users by sending unnecessary notifications. Users can share Files of up to 1GB in the app. They can pin more than 3 chats at the same time. Video files having size upto 70MB can be shared via this app.

Transparent WhatsApp WhatsApp Mods APK For Android and Ios

best whatsapp mods

Various built-in themes are also available which can be change by users anytime they wish to. Users can also lock particular conversations so that even if someone opens the app, one would not be able to read the chat. This adds an extra layer of security. Users can hide their status from people they wish to hide their status. The app also allows users to hide blue ticks.

WhatsApp Mix

WhatsApp Mix is a modded version of WhatsApp having some amazing additional features. Users can create multiple accounts in the same app. This way users can access any account they want. Users can backup data from one device and restore on another. Status having more than 250 words can be uploaded. Users can hide the ‘online’, ‘typing’, etc. statuses from the settings.

Users can download statuses and stories of other contacts directly to their phone. Built-in themes are also available which are easy to download and apply to your app. Users can even customize icons as per their choice. Hiding chats options are also available which will allow users to hide particular conversations. Large media files are easy to share in the app.

WhatsApp Begal

WhatsApp Begal is an alternate version of WhatsApp and features many features. It allows users to hide blue ticks. It also allows users to hide ‘Recording’, ‘Online’, ‘Typing’, etc status. One can easily send messages to any number even if it isn’t in contacts. Users will also be able to hide their statuses.

NS WhatsApp

NS WhatsApp is an alternate version of Whatsapp. It is a ban proof version. Users get a great deal of privacy options here. They can hide blue, double, etc. ticks as well ‘Online’, ‘Last Seen’, ‘Typing’, or ‘Recording’ status. It has a message scheduler. Users can customize the UI by changing themes, fonts, colors, wallpaper, etc. Users can send video files having size of up to 1GB and audio files of up to 300MB. They also have a ‘Do not Disturb’ option which will turn off notifications for the app.

The app has also got an Auto Reply option which will automatically reply without any user interaction. Users can keep little bit more security by setting up a password for the app or for a particular chat. They can upload videos of upto 7 minutes to the status. The app also has a backup and restore option so that users don’t lose all their important conversation.

WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero is a great mod of WhatsApp. It is having a great User Interface and a better performance. It also offers better privacy to users. The app has lots of attracting stickers which can be shared with others to have a creative conversation;). Other emoji options are also present. Users can add their favorite Facebook emojis to this app. It also has some inbuilt storage. The app also has its own themes store from which one can choose and apply themes.

Users can also do some designing customization of their choice by changing font, size, color, etc. It is an anti-ban version and one can easily share media files without losing its quality. Users can control which contacts can call or text them. Hiding blue, double and single ticks option is also there. Users can set up their own password as a security measure for the app. It also has an auto-answer option which can automatically send messages to others. It has a ‘Titanium’ backup facility which can backup all the data without any hassels.

WhatsApp X

WhatsApp X is a modded WhatsApp application that has a ton of great features. It allows users to anti-delete messages. It also allows users to hide their ‘Last Seen’ from others. One can also hide their blue ticks, double ticks as well as single ticks. Users can also reply privately in groups. Users can copy their contacts’ status to their phone. The app supports multiple languages and updates regularly by the developers. Users can also control who can add them in groups so that just some random stranger won’t be able to add users in any groups without their consent.

DeltaYO WhatsApp

Delta YO WhatsApp is an alternate and more versatile application of WhatsApp. There are total 4 themes with great UI – Light, Dark, Transparent and one with the custom color. Users can even choose their own font, wallpaper for background, etc. The app supports multiple languages such as Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, German, Turkish, Indonesian, Marathi, Russian, etc apart from English. It enables locking system for the app. Users can also control who can call them and who cannot. It also has a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. The app allows to send video files of up to 700MB and image files of up to 18MB. It also has a ‘Message Scheduler’ and an ‘Auto Reply’ feature.    


Thus, these are some of the best WhatsApp mods which are available on third-party websites. As you might have observed many features are not available in the official WhatsApp. But you’ve to keep in mind that not all the mods are legally available. So make sure to take proper precautions before downloading any of the app. Another downside of using these mods are that they could support ads. Except from these, they are good to use.

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