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Soula WhatsApp For Android- Download Latest Version Soula Apk

Soula WhatsApp APK Download Official Latest For Android
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Soula Whatsapp is open-source software that has been created from the popular Whatsapp messenger app available on the Google Play Store. Open Source software means; the original code of a program is made available for free so that it can be modified to improve or enhance its functionality according to the needs of a user.

Soula Whatsapp developed by Sommer Damous is the modification of the original Whatsapp messenger app. It has two versions available; the simplified or the lite version and the official version. In this article, I’ll be talking about Soula WhatsApp, its features, how one can install it on their android phone and a lot more things related to it.

What is Soula Whatsapp?

Soula Whatsapp as mentioned earlier in this article is a modified version of the official Whatsapp messenger app that is available on the Google Play Store. It functions as the original Whatsapp application but allows a lot of changes and customizations.

Just like the original Whatsapp messenger application, the Soula Whatsapp allows its users to send messages, images, videos, emoticons, audios, etc. according to the data plan available on the user’s phone. It does not charge money as a normal SMS does.

Latest version Mod Soula WhatsApp Apk for android

Since the Soula Whatsapp is a modified version of the original Whatsapp messenger application, it is not available on the Google Play store.

Soula Whatsapp is an APK file. The full form of APK is an Android Package Kit or Android app Package. APK files can only be installed on androids. Once the file is installed it decompensates that file and unravels all the files within it to be used as an app. You need to uninstall the official Whatsapp messenger application before installing this Whatsapp Apk.

Features of Soula Whatsapp

There are attention-grabbing features of Soula Whatsapp. They are:-

  • Soula Whatsapp allows customization. The icon colors can be changed according to your will. There are 12 different styles available from which you can customize.
  • You can change the theme from light to dark mode and vice versa.
  • It allows you to hide and archive the chat button from the main screen, which divides the chat.
  • Soula Whatsapp allows sending large media files without disrupting the photo or video quality. It allows sending videos of 100 MB and has a video allowance of 30 minutes and images up to 90 MB.
  • It allows sending 700 MB Film files.
  • You can send approximately 100 images at a time.
  • New varieties and a wide range of emoticons or emojis are available.
  • It allows transferring different kinds of files other than just audio, video, or gifs and also allows making calls. It has an inbuilt camera to record or capture photos.
  • Soula Whatsapp has better privacy and security.
  • It lets you freeze the last seen option.
  • This app allows you to ensure that the person you are messaging cannot delete their conversations by activating the revoke mod.
  • It helps to hide the blue tick, double tick, and also allows you to write a message or record an audio message without actually showing the other person that you are typing or recording audio.
  • It allows you to have multiple conversations and switch from one conversation to another.
  • The app also allows you to download other people’s status or profile pictures.
  • It allows you to write long statuses of 139 to 250 characters.
  • You can send messages to any WhatsApp number even if their contact number is not in your contact list.
  • Does not contain a harmful or highly risky virus.
  • It allows you to send messages quickly even in slow connections.
  • It allows you to seamlessly sync all the chats to your PC with Whatsapp on the interweb and desktop so that you can chat on any device that is accessible for you.

How is it Different From Whatsapp?

It is a modified version of the original Whatsapp application that we cannot download from the Google Play store. The two are not much different, apart from Soula Whatsapp having more accessible features with room to customization of the icon, theme, etc. unlike the official Whatsapp messenger app.

Why Should You Use Soula Whatsapp?

Without a doubt, Soula Whatsapp has far greater and better features to work with; without forgetting to mention it is fast, smooth, and stable. It does not allow notifications to interrupt the music or sound that’s playing in the background. Unlike in the original Whatsapp messenger application, Soula Whatsapp provides with advanced privacy and security settings and allows keeping confidential information safe without violating Whatsapp policy.

How to Download Soula Whatsapp Apk on Android?

Below we’ve shared the steps on how you can install Soula WhatsApp on your android device:

Step 1- Download the latest version of the Soula Whatsapp from a link provided below.


Step 2- Go to Settings> Security.

Step 3- See if the unknown sources are active.

Step 4- Find the Apk file that you download on your android phone.

Step 5- Run the Apk file and follow further guidelines.

Step 6- Once Installed, verify it with your number and start using this modified version of WhatsApp for better features and options.

Is it Safe to Use Soula Whatsapp?

Soula Whatsapp Apk is a modified version of the official Whatsapp Messenger application. The official Whatsapp messenger application is not open-source software. It is a violation of their policy to modify the official application to build an unofficial app file. There is a risk of the company to find out and banning the users from future use of their application.

We, at WhatsAppmod, don’t encourage anyone to use any type of mods in their device. We have shared this article about the Soula WhatsApp mod to inform and educate the users regarding its features and benefits. You will be solely responsible for any issues that might occur in your device. Even though the app is safe to install, Download it at your own discretion as using any mods of WhatsApp is against the policy of official WhatsApp.

How Do We Update The Soula Whatsapp Apk?

It is a frequently asked questions and requires the easiest procedure to follow.

  • Download the latest version of the Soula Whatsapp Apk.
  • Get the Apk link.
  • Connect the Apk Link.
  • Do not uninstall the app you downloaded before the update is complete.
  • See to it that all your files have necessary backups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Can we use both the original Whatsapp application and the Soula Whatsapp Apk simultaneously?

Answer: No. You cannot use both the original and the Soula Apk simultaneously. You need to uninstall the original or the official Whatsapp messenger application before you install the modified version that is the Soula Whatsapp Apk and vice versa. If you don’t want to use the Soula Whatsapp Apk anymore you have to uninstall the file and then install the original Whatsapp Messenger application from the Google Play Store and proceed to your contact number verification.

You also need to ensure that all the conversations you had previously in the Soula Whatsapp Apk are backed up to avoid the deletion of important media or messages.

Ques: Is the Official Whatsapp Messenger application open source? If the original Whatsapp application is not an open-source then how are people making the modified versions of the app?

Answer: No. The official Whatsapp messenger application is not open-source software. Coders use the process of reverse engineering to extract the original code and then they modify and further build a working application from that.

Ques: Can I get banned using Whatsapp mod?

Answer: Yes. Creating a modified version of a legal, existing app is against the policy of the company and due to the violation of their policy you can get banned from future use of their application. However, if you are not doing anything illegal then you will not be banned.


Even though it comes with a risk of getting banned and other privacy and malware issues, it offers good features with a wide variety of customization with a large number of themes. Soula Whatsapp Apk functions just like the original Whatsapp messenger application but come with a lot more variations and features.

Hope you’ve successfully installed the apk on your device. If you still face any issue, you can ask us via the comment section given below. We would be happy to help you.

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