How to Restore WhatsApp Chat Using Simple & Easy Steps?

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Have you lost a document or a file and want to recover it? If yes, then here is how to restore it. In this article, you will discover the steps that are required to restore WhatsApp chat. 

WhatsApp is an application that is particularly used for messaging purposes. However, there are other features as well that make it an overall best and decent app. You can send files in any format you want, documents, images, gifs, etc. Furthermore WhatsApp also has included one new feature that is Payment feature with the help of which you can do payment in a safe way. There are a larger number of users who use WhatsApp applications than any other messaging app.

That’s why it is one of the most trusted apps and of course very popular. Even if you switched your phone off then also you won’t lose the documents you sent or the other person who sent you until he deletes the message by himself. You can send attachments and send voice notes also on WhatsApp.

But what if all your documents and files went missing one day and the reason was you had deleted the chat? In that case, WhatsApp users are given an option to restore WhatsApp chat so that they can easily get their previous files and other important documents. However, the important question is how to actually restore the WhatsApp chat? Don’t worry! Now, as you are in the right place, you will know your answer. But before that, remember one thing that you need to understand.

WhatsApp notifies you to select your restoration of chat time, which is Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Never. So what you have to do is select any one option so that your chat is restored day to day in a timely manner. If you select never, then restoration of chat is not possible. Therefore, try not to ignore these options and notifications from WhatsApp and select the appropriate option. 

How to Restore WhatsApp Chats Using Simple & Easy Steps

How to Restore WhatsApp Chat?

So let’s get back to our question: how to restore WhatsApp chats? In order to restore chat, follow the below given steps: 

Step 1- Remove Whatsapp from your device.

Step 2- Now reinstall it.

Step 3- Now open it and go to the menu icon.

Step 4- Now click on the settings option from there.

Step 5- Go to Chat and click on it.

Step 6- A chat back-up option will appear.

Step 7- Once you click on it, you will get the back up option. 


So this is how you can restore your WhatsApp chat. There are many other ways with the help of which you can restore your WhatsApp chat, but they will take time. You can also download the Mobiletrans app to restore Whatsapp chat. However, for that, you need to know so many different things. The above mentioned process, or more specifically, the steps to restore WhatsApp chat, are far easier. So why not try the easy one first, rather than waste your time doing experiments? Summing up, this is how you can restore the chat from Whatsapp. 

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