How to read deleted Whatsapp messages on Android?

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No wonder why Whatsapp is the best application and in fact the most popular one when it comes to instant messaging and that pop-up sound whenever some message comes. It has various features that it offers to its users and is quite popular among its users. With the help of Whatsapp, you can message your friend and family for free without giving any SMS fees as Whatsapp uses your phone’s internet connection to send messages for free and you can also avoid SMS fees.

Now if we talk in some more detail about messages then there’s one issue that we all have to face and that is how to read deleted messages on Whatsapp which people send accidently or may be purposely. 

But now we don’t have to worry much about this issue that we face almost daily. There are some tricks and also an app available for that where one can easily find it in Google play Store and download and install it. The app name is Whatsremoved plus which has become quite popular because of its functions that we eagerly wanted to have on Whatsapp as one of its feature.

Read deleted WhatsApp messages with this simple trick

If you are using Android device, then it is very much possible to read the deleted messages.

Android uses a feature known as Notification Logs where all the notifications of your device are saved. However, it is not always possible to access the notification log without an external application. There are plenty of applications in the market which can display the notification log. In the log you’ll see the history of all the notifications on your device. After which all you have to do is browse through the history and find Whatsapp logs and read the message.

However, there are two cases where the message cannot be read even if the user has an external application to read the notification log.

If the text is not yet received by the user on their device then they would not be able to read it. Such case would be when the text has a single tick on its side, which means the text was delivered to the server but not yet received by the user. If the text has double tick then it means the messages has been received by the user and they would have got notification on their phone as well.

The cases where the text will not get received by the user are:

1: If the user’s phone is switched off.

2: If the user’s phone is out of network coverage area.

3: If the user has turned off the notification.

4: If the user has revoked the usage of notification access by whatsapp (however whatsapp may not work in such case).

Whatsapp Removed Plus

WhatsRemoved+ is an application that helps the user in monitoring notifications and other important folders & files so you never miss anything in your favorite messaging applications. Earlier WhatsRemoved was removed from the Google Play Store for violating WhatsApp’s terms of service.
Though if we talk about an original application, it is popular mainly for its prime focus on identifying deleted messages from WhatsApp. With time, it has expanded its sights to reach all messaging applications and even beyond. After you’ve installed the application on your device, you can select the applications and folders whose notifications you want to monitor as long as you don’t violate its terms of service.

How to read deleted Whatsapp messages on Android in simple steps

Whenever this application will find a change in a notification or deleting a message, it will instantly notify at the same moment so you can easily know what happened, either by a deleted message, file deleted or by some application that you chose to show important information.
Unlike WhatsRemoved, WhatsRemoved+ does not send your information to external servers, they stay only on your own device. WhatsRemoved + will also not save all notifications but will show only those whose applications you’ve selected manually. They offers many configurable installation tool to its users along with several learning algorithms that allows one to adapt to the needs of each user, saving only what you really need.


.Your phone should not be switch off when message was received
.User’s phone should not be unavailable when message was received.
.Your must have received the undeleted message first.

And this is it. Now you can easily read deleted Whatsapp messages on Android without any issues.

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