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KRWhatsApp ~ We all have already heard about different kinds of Mods. Mods that are designed in a way that seems to be better than the original application in terms of features and other things. Basically, Mods are made by others not the developer of the original application. So, Mods are just the upgraded version of the original application and are modified in such a way that it if one uses that Mod application, then he could get addicted, reason is simple because it provides those features that the original one lacks in itself. Today in this article, I am going to talk about one of the best mod of WhatsApp which is KRWhatsApp.

KRWhatsApp is also a modified version of an original WhatsApp Messenger application. It has a license too that is Freeware. It gets frequent updates when required and language is in English. The users who have used this application also gave their feedbacks and Ratings. Over all rating of it is 4.0. And as we all know that it’s an APK file so one cannot install it from Google Play Store but from third party apps. The app is amazing to use and it also includes many different features such as it helps you in copying any other users contact status, Automatic Replies to the Messages and also you can translate any message you want to Translate. There are many other wonderful and exciting features that are very great and useful. 

What is KRWhatsApp? 

KR WhatsApp is a popular WhatsApp Mod with a rating of 4. KR WhatsApp Mod is modified version of WhatsApp messenger and is updated mostly. It is modified in such a way that it has so many features that an original WhatsApp does not have. In an original WhatsApp, we usually cannot send large files and that makes a little bit tough for us to do this work. But it’s not same with KR WhatsApp, KR WhatsApp has many features and one of those features is that one can send even larger files very easily.

KRWhatsApp APK For Android Download Latest Version whatsapp mod

One can also personalize theme and interface together and that’s also a cool feature that KR WhatsApp provides. Also many Gestures are available there only so that you can protect your chats. And how can one forget about its one more wonderful feature that is, protection from the Restrictions. There are many other features also like you can even hide your last seen easily and time whenever you were online. Now lets move forward to the features and installation steps of the apk.

Features of KRWhatsApp Apk

Any application that lacks features is not so good to use and it sometimes makes the application a little irritating and boring because we can’t do what we want to do. We expect to have those features that really prove to be helpful for any user. But we cannot do anything because original applications provides access to only the limited features. And that’s the reason that Mods are developed. KR WhatsApp is a Mod that comes up with the most exciting and marvellous features that are best in itself and then we don’t have to worry much about the features because it has all those features that we expected to have from the original WhatsApp application. So, let’s know it’s features without wasting much time~ 

  • It is based on the version of WhatsApp.
  • It is very easy to Translate any kind of message at any time.
  • There is a protection given for chats by providing an option of gestures and also pins.
  • One can easily copy the other users status without any trouble.
  • There is also an option available in settings- of message box where you can change the settings to automatically replying to message setting.
  • Also a system of protection from ban that is Anti ban available there.
  • You can easily hide your last seen and timing of the status whenever you were online.
  • Unlike original WhatsApp messenger here in KR WhatsApp you can easily send files that are large without any difficulty.
  • You can write your status with up to 250 letters.
  •  Many themes are also available that are wonderful. 

Why one should use KRWhatsApp? 

One should use this app because of its so many exciting features that it provides to its users. It provides different features that an original application of the WhatsApp lacks. KR WhatsApp has so many features available that are so much useful for users and those features are those ones that users always wished to have them on an original WhatsApp. So it’s fun and cool to use the mod version of WhatsApp that is KR WhatsApp where you can easily find features that are best in itself and exciting too. 

How is it different from Official WhatsApp? 

KR WhatsApp is different from Original WhatsApp because of its so many useful functions. It is different from an original application in various ways such as-

  • Original WhatsApp does not provide you an Anti – ban option of protection but KR WhatsApp that is the mod version provides the Anti ban protection.
  • The official WhatsApp does not have an option to reply to messages automatically whereas KR WhatsApp has an option of Auto reply.
  • Original WhatsApp cannot translate messages but KR WhatsApp includes this translation feature also.
  • WhatsApp does not allow you to send large files. KR WhatsApp allows even this also.
  • Original WhatsApp allows you to write your status for only up to limited words but KR WhatsApp allows you to write your Status for up to 250 letters. 

There are many other features that categorizes an Original WhatsApp from the Mod Version of WhatsApp that is KR WhatsApp. 


WhatsApp is an original application which is fast and simple but provides you only limited features. So let’s know in brief about WhatsApp also. WhatsApp is a free to download app that was built with the small business owner in mind. With the help of WhatsApp you can create a catalog to showcase your products and services. You can also get connected to customers very easily by using tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages. 

How to download and install KRWhatsApp For Android?

Be it any Mod, Mods are now popular everywhere because they includes many features that are useful to many people now and that’s why it’s being downloaded and installed everywhere around the world. So let’s know how to download it in a simple way and install it in our Android device- 

Firstly you have to go to settings and then applications, activate an option of Unknown sources so that you don’t have to uninstall your original WhatsApp and your device allows you to download the KR WhatsApp because it is Downloaded from the third party apps. 

To install it-

Step 1- First go to Settings > Security.

Step 2- Activate unknown sources from there so you can easily download the apk on your device.

Step 3- Click and launch APK file easily from the link given below.


Step 4- Once the installation is done, simply complete the verification from your phone number and you are good to go.

So, by using these steps, you can easily install the app on your device and can avail tons of features that it offers to the users. 

We, at WhatsAppmod, don’t encourage anyone to use any type of mods in their device. We have shared this article about the KR WhatsApp mod to inform and educate the users regarding its features and benefits. You will be solely responsible for any issues that might occur in your device. Even though the app is safe to install, Download it at your own discretion as using any mods of WhatsApp is against the policy of official WhatsApp.

FAQs Related to KRWhatsApp

Ques: What is the mod version? 

Answer: Mod version is a modified version that is upgraded with different features that you might not find in an original application.

Ques: How to install KR WhatsApp? 

Answer: You just have to change the settings and activate an option of unknown sources.

Ques: Is it safe to download and install it in our Android device?

Answer: Yes, it’s safe and secure to download and install it on your device. It’s rating is also 4.0. 


KR WhatsApp is a popular WhatsApp mod with many exciting and wonderful features that are really very nice and fun to use. It’s also safe to download. You can use many exciting features by downloading and installing it on your device. So enjoy and have fun with KR device. Hope you’ve installed the apk without any trouble. If you still face any issue, let us know via the comment section given below. We would love to help you.

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