How to Lock WhatsApp Using Fingerprint On Your Phone- Simple Steps

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How to Lock WhatsApp

There are many reasons that users at today’s time want to lock their whatsapp. The reason could be to avoid getting their important files and documents leaked by anyone or it could be any other personal thing. Whatever the reason might be, a simple question that comes up is how to lock Whatsapp? In this article you are going to know all about locking whatsapp and getting a strong security so that nobody can invade your privacy.

Whatsapp is a big platform where the most common thing is chatting. There are other important features as well, such as sending important data and documents to other people in the contact list or chatting about something personal to someone. What we all need is privacy. It understands this and hence it has also provided a feature to lock it and be tension free. This way you can keep your phone anywhere without worrying. Also, if someone borrows your phone by giving an excuse to you to call somebody, he won’t be able to check your Whatsapp. This is something amazing. You can be tension free and have good strong security without even installing another app from the Google PlayStore. Whatsapp in itself includes this locking feature. However, most of us fail to understand the process of locking our Whatsapp and how to actually lock it. That’s why after too many tries, they download some apps like app lock, etc, to lock their whatsapp. But now you don’t have to worry because you are exactly at the right place! So let’s start.

How to Lock WhatsApp Using Fingerprint On Your Phone- Simple Steps

Whatsapp offers its users a fingerprint lock that is really amazing and ensures strong security. This biometric security assures you that no one else could open your whatsapp through any way because of the fingerprint lock. However, it’s for android users. The Face ID Lock is offered in the iPhone App. So whether you are an Android user or an Apple user, you can easily lock your whatsapp account through these biometrics.

How to lock WhatsApp using fingerprint

Now you might be thinking of the steps that are involved in locking whatsapp using Fingerprint. So let’s not make it a big deal and read the below mentioned steps to lock your Whatsapp easily.

Step 1- Open your Whatsapp and go to the menu option.

Step 2- Click on setting and then select the Account option.

Step 3- Now scroll down and find the privacy option.

Step 4- Click on it and then you will see an option of Fingerprint lock.

Step 5- Enable that option and activate the powerful security feature.


This is how you can lock your Whatsapp in an easy way. So let’s sum up now. You can now easily lock your whatsapp with the help of the fingerprint lock feature available in Whatsapp itself. So why go for another locking app and fill your device space when you have that feature already available on Whatsapp. Enjoy this high security today by following the above mentioned steps.


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