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GBStickers APK- Download Latest Version GB Stickers For Android Free

GBStickers - Download for Android APK Free Whatsapp Mods
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GBStickers APK is an app that provides cute and adorable stickers more than what official WhatsApp have. Usually when you have conversations with friends or family it gets a little dry after a while so to make your conversation more fun and exciting, GBStickers provides expressive and funny stickers that can express different kinds of feeling. Also, the WhatsApp stickers are really slow to arrive in your sticker board itself compared to others apps such as telegram, Facebook messenger, LINE etc.

However, GBStickers works in mod version of WhatsApp i.e., GBWhatsApp. Both of these apk apps have large number of users. Unfortunately, they are not available in any google play store or any app store but can be downloaded easily through apk which we have shared here. There is an app called OGStickers which is similar to GBStickers but has lesser sticker. Also, GBStickers can be installed in no time, does not take much storage space on your device. You should definitely have this app on your device for more funnier and exciting conversations with your friends and family.  

What Is GBStickers?  

GBStickers is an APK made for android devices which provides cute and expressive stickers that are not available in the sticker board  provided by official WhatsApp. There are many off-brand GBStickers app available on the google app store that may actually have some fun stickers. But GBSticker’s latest versions have over 3000+ stickers available from cute little llama sticker to your daily meme stickers. It is an amazing app that works on android and the minimum operating system required is android 2.3 which is now rarely seen. This app works really well on GBWhatsApp as we’ve said above. You can get endless number of extra cute little stickers, GIFs etc., for an exciting and expressive conversations.

Latest Version Download GBStickers for Android APK Free Whatsapp Mods

In case you don’t know what is GB WhatsApp then let me tell you about it. It is a mod version of official WhatsApp that offers lots of amazing features. If you don’t like the features of official WhatsApp then you should definitely install GBWhatsApp APK along with GBStickers to add more fun in it. GB WhatsApp is the modified version of WhatsApp that comes with lots of additional functions like theme customization, hide blue tick, double and online status, copy about status, download others’ video status, and many more. And in some way we can say that GBSticker is basically an extension of GBWhatsApp that you can get from here. You will get many different categories stickers in this app.

It has more than 80 categories of stickers and in those 80-100 categories, you will get more than 3500 different, funny, meme, cute, loving, animated stickers. So, you will not face any shortage of stickers while chatting with your friends. It basically is the whole entire package deal of whatever you will find perfect to be sent at that time and as you keep downloading sticker the program will automatically understand your preference and provide sticker, emojis, GIFs etc., according to your preference. 


It requires a minimum operating system of an android 2.3. The installation of the APK is really easy, about which we will share in this article. There are many sites that provide older versions of the app which do not work now but here we’ve provided the link to the latest updated version of the app. The updated version has personalization / personal stickers feature which provides stickers similar to the ones you select often or like hence giving you more expressive and relatable stickers while communicating with your friends.

How to Install GBStickers on Android?

Do you want to make your texts / conversations more funny and exciting with your friends & family but you don’t know what to say, simply  install GBStickers APK by following the steps  given below:-  

Step 1: Go to the link given below:


Step 2: Download the APK file for GBStickers and install the file in your device by allowing unknown sources from the settings tab.  

Step 3: Then on GBWhatsApp, go to the menu from where you send emojis, GIFs, and stickers and you’ll see the latest addition by the GBStickers. 

You can also download exclusive stickers if you use WhatsApp mod to give an exclusive touch to your conversation with your favourite ones.  

How To Add Or Import It On GBWhatApp?

GBWhatsApp is a popular mod of official WhatsApp app that provides you with extra functionality and customizable settings.  

Earlier there was another mod named WhatsApp Plus mod but that was eventually shut down by the official WhatsApp company. Later some of the developers came up with another mod i.e., GBWhatsApp that allows you to change numerous settings and provides new features which are not present in the official WhatsApp. Now lets see how can you add GBStickers on GBWhatsApp.

To download or import the sticker files you need  to follow the steps given above –  

Step 1- Downloading GB stickers APK file from the link given below: 

Step 2- Install the app via the APK file. Then you will see bunch of stickers and sticker packs on the app.

Step 3- These stickers will be added to your sticker board on your GB WhatsApp after you click on the ‘Add’ button.

Or the other way will be – 

Step 1- Firstly, you need to update your Gb WhatsApp to its latest version so that it can support the personalized stickers provided by GB stickers.

Step 2- You will be able to see the new sticker options next to the GIF option

Step 3- To add more stickers packs, click on the ‘+’  icon 

Step 4- After adding the stickers pack you can click on download icon right next to it and a green check icon will appear next to it if  downloaded properly.  

We, at WhatsAppmod, don’t encourage anyone to use any type of mods in their device. We have shared this article about the GBStickers apk to inform and educate the users regarding its features and benefits. You will be solely responsible for any issues that might occur in your device. Even though the app is safe to install, Download it at your own discretion as using any mods of WhatsApp is against the policy of official WhatsApp.


GB stickers is a very useful and convenient way to express your feeling in a chat box using different sticker and emoticons. It has over 3000+ stickers and 100 various sticker packs that can be used in all types of conversations. It has cute little animals – animated goddesses – memes –  PokemonGo – rage comics – cartoons and many more stickers. Is available on the oldest of android versions such android 2.3 which was first released in December 6th of 2010 and works on the latest versions of android as well.

The downloading or installing of GBStickers is in fact really easy as it only needs a few click to receive tons of new stickers which are not available on WhatsApp itself. It is safe and harmless to all devices. Also, it does not take a lot of data to download the file / app and also the stickers present in the app itself will not interfere or consume a lot of data. The best thing is that it is absolutely free to download the app, will not need a single penny to install the app or to download any stickers. 


GBstickers and GB WhatsApp are a very powerful combo that will not only provide you with new stickers but will also make all the conversation with your friends & family more exciting with all the cute stickers that comes in packs with app. If you want to receive the same stickers or the same funny replies just introduce your friends to this amazing app and in no time you will be having the most exciting  conversations with everyone you know. As downloading GB stickers is not at all tough you can even install it on their devices and they will have a never ending flowing of emojis, GIFs, stickers etc.,  

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