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GB WhatsApp APK For Android- Download Latest Version (100% Anti-Ban)

GB WhatsApp APK For Android Download Latest Version
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GB WhatsApp- We are pretty sure most of you out there are aware of WhatsApp. It has been one of the most majorly used platform for communication purposes all around the world. With having millions of downloads, there is literally no one who isn’t aware of this famous platform. Not only WhatsApp that found a way in people’s phones but also other communicating apps like Telegram, Hike and other social media platforms which perform the same functions as Facebook or Instagram. Even these social media platforms have evolved into getting other features like video calls, sharing of media, chatting and even voice calls.

They are as equal as WhatsApp but yet, it seems to be easier for people to choose WhatsApp over the other alternatives available. It is probably faster to share phone numbers that let you connect to this platform to others than sending out our profiles. Moreover, most of us have them on our phones and use them. We are sure there is no one who owns a smartphone without WhatsApp! So, we know that WhatsApp has various of features like voice calling, video calls, conferences, messaging, putting up statuses and much more. But don’t you wish you had advanced features? We are going to be discussing about how you can get more from WhatsApp by using this other platform known as GBWhatsApp. Yes, we know this is something most of us haven’t heard of but it is the original app but with features, we are sure you wouldn’t want to miss.

What is GBWhatsApp?

We have heard of WhatsApp but what is this new one? Well, as we mentioned, this basically retains the originality of the app except with few advanced features. Such as maybe the locking of apps without the external software. Though the fingerprint lock was released just recently, not all phones seem to be supporting this feature just yet. Maybe you wish you had something inbuilt and something that was supportive in your device. Or maybe you are just willing to take off those “double ticks” for the messages and looking for better privacy. Developers have considered this into developing this application to bring you the best in terms of privacy. Let us jump on to features to let you know how this can make your WhatsApp experience to another level.

Latest Version GB WhatsApp APK For Android Download

Features of GB WhatsApp

After the introduction of this platform, you would have had a basic understanding of what it is. But to know more about it, you would need to check out the features for you to decide in getting it out for yourselves. Have a look:

  • It can be quite tiresome to go inside chats and having to manually type of text messages. More than that, replying to multiple people can be a pain too. The auto reply function is available on this version where you can reply to your friends at any time.
  • Sometimes it can be quite annoying to get those WhatsApp messages right when you are watching something or surfing on other platforms. Wouldn’t you wish there was a way for you to turn off the net connection just for WhatsApp and you can freely view other apps without disturbance? This is all possible with GBWhatsApp. You can enable the DND mode which turns off the net connection for WhatsApp alone and you can do anything else.
  • Broadcasting of messages is also another feature. You can broadcast messages to even groups as well.
  • With the update of WhatsApp, you would be able to see that “forwarded” on every one of the forwarded messages. It can be quite overwhelming if you want to pass on some messages without that sign rather than copy pasting it every time. But with this, you won’t have the ‘forwarded” tag on the messages you forward.
  • You can even filter out messages by having the filter messages option.
  • When sending any media to your friends and family, you can make it even more engaging and fun by adding a variety of effects on to them.
  • Found someone’s status good? In the original WhatsApp, there is no option as to where you can save the status and they even removed the option of saving profile pics. With GBWhatsApp, you can download status pictures and even videos without having to screenshot or even screen record for the latter.
  • The classic theme of WhatsApp can be boring. You can now change the themes of it as per your desires.
  • Audio clips and videos are now able to process up to 100MB and 50 MB respectively.
  • Don’t want to receive calls from certain people or groups? You can do that as well.

With so many other features that just can’t be mentioned here, it would be so much worth it if you download and discover yourself. You would be surely surprised to see what it offers and would stick to this one rather than the classic version of WhatsApp.

Installing- How to Install GB WhatsApp on Android?

There are multiple sources from where you can download this platform. You won’t exactly find this on the Play Store directly so you would have to perform a few google searches before you can do so. You would have to extract it as an APK. Below we’ve shared the steps to download GB Instagram for Android:

Step 1- First go to Settings > Security.

Step 2- Activate unknown sources from there so you can easily download the apk on your device.

Step 3- Click and launch APK file easily from the link given below.


Step 4- Once the installation is done, simply complete the verification from your phone number and you are good to go.

So, by using these steps, you can easily install the app on your device and can avail tons of features that it offers to the users. 

You do have the option to restore your data to your DB version of WhatsApp after you have installed it.

We, at WhatsAppmod, don’t encourage anyone to use any type of mods in their device. We have shared this article about the GB WhatsApp mod to inform and educate the users regarding its features and benefits. You will be solely responsible for any issues that might occur in your device. Even though the app is safe to install, Download it at your own discretion as using any mods of WhatsApp is against the policy of official WhatsApp.

FAQs Related to GBWhatsApp

Ques: Is GBWhatsApp safe and risk free?

Answer: Since it isn’t there on the Play Store, you can take it as it is violating the policies. Which means that it isn’t safe either. Not just that, any other modified versions of applications are also not safe and there is no guarantee that your data stays safe with you.

Ques: How to install on the device?

Answer: If you are an Android user, you would be able to find it as an APK by following the steps given above. For this purpose, since it is a third-party app, you would need to change your settings to accept downloads from “unknown source” before you can do so. It would be the best if you install the latest version so as to avoid the ban from WhatsApp.


With that being, the original and classic version of WhatsApp has been quite a popular platform that lets you to share different content with friends and family. Not just that, but with the existence of so many other social platforms, it has always been WhatsApp that had topped the list. For those wanting to have better and advanced features which aren’t available in the classic version, they would require to have the modified version; GBWhatsApp. With a ton of cool and new features which isn’t available in the normal version of the app, we are sure to have you install it on your devices.

You don’t have to worry about your privacy when you have this. Moreover, you have other options like hiding the blue ticks, downloading status, broadcasting of messages and the best of all was the DND feature. It would be suitable if you are owning a business account to keep yourself best organized and up to date with the modified version of the application. Though with all this, you do have to keep in mind that it is a third-party application so the risk is purely on the user installing. Even with all this, there are still users and people downloading this modified GBWhatsApp apk on their devices to acquire more features than the regular platform. Why don’t you try it out for yourself to check out more features on your own? Read how to install GBWhatsApp For PC.

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