Best WhatsApp Auto Reply Apps For Android

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Best WhatsApp Auto Reply Apps

-》In your daily life you have to give many excuses to your friends and relatives that you were busy in some work or you were out today for whole day, so you did not get the time to reply their texts. But to how many people you will give explanation and for how long you will give. And moreover besides that many people loves you and they are worried about you, so they want instant replies from your side. So for this purpose only WhatsApp auto reply apps were introduced.  

Today each and every person uses WhatsApp for both business purpose as well as for personal use. So the instant replies from these WhatsApp auto reply apps will be very much beneficial to you as it will help you to grow your business, will be useful in saving your precious time and especially will strengthen your bond with your friends and family. Moreover when you are actually not in the mood to reply anyone or in case you are driving then also WhatsApp auto reply app can help you in that situation. You just have to select the contacts to whom you want to send the message and have to enter the message that you want to be delivered to them. You can set time also, so that your message will be delivered automatically on that particular time to the selected contacts.   

5 Best WhatsApp Auto Reply Apps for Android- WhatsApp Mod

If you all are excited to know these WhatsApp auto reply apps then you should definitely read the following best 5 WhatsApp auto reply apps, selected according to their performance and ratings. So without wasting much time, lets start now…..

Best WhatsApp Auto Reply Apps

Below we’ve shared 5 best WhatsApp auto reply apps:

Can’t Talk

-》Can’t Talk is the application that stands first in our list of best 5 WhatsApp auto reply apps. It is an app which allows you to send automatic replies of texts through many social media applications. So with the help of this app you can easily tell your contacts that you are busy at the moment or not in the position to talk with anyone.

Can’t Talk app has free version and as well as paid version. Free services of the Can’t Talk app offers automatic replies to the missed calls and normal text messages. Whereas its paid version will allow you to send instant automatic replies through many social media apps including WhatsApp, Twitter and Telegram. However you also get the 14 day free trial to use these paid features when you first download this app. 

This app is user friendly as it is free from any type of interrupting ads and moreover it is very easy to use as you have to just select the contacts to whom you want to send automated replies and also you have to enter the text you want them to send. And do not forget to choose the apps you want to activate automatic replies from Can’t Talk app.

AutoResponder for WA 

-》AutoResponder for WA is on the second position in our list. It also allows you to send automated replies to anyone texting you. It has a long list of features. Almost everything is possible from this app. It is very much beneficial for business purposes. You can also modify your replies according to the situation with the help of automation tools. You can download this app absolutely for free. 

5 Android Apps to Set Up Automatic Replies for Everything- WhatsApp Mod

Key Features :

  • Auto reply on WhatsApp for business purpose.
  • Automation tools are also available to modify your texts.
  • Texts with emoji can also be send.
  • Responses to the texts when you are not in the mood or position to answer.
  • Sends messages to the particular and selected contacts.
  • Always sends a welcome message to the unknown and new contacts.
  • Can send your live location also.
  • It can also send multiple replies at once.
  • This app works for unknown numbers also along with your contacts and groups.
  • With this app you can also schedule your messages, so it will be delivered on that particular time.
  • Keeps regular backup also. 
  • This app does not show you online and do not let your last seen get updated while sending automated responses.
  • It works exactly like your business agent.
  • Also offers different font styles.


-》WhatsAuto is one of the best app for automatic replies as it can be used for many social media apps other than WhatsApp such as Facebook Messenger. It always send a message when you cannot reply or you are busy. So you can select the contacts and groups which you think are important and should be answered instantly. In this app also you get the automation tools for chat modifications and you also get a text scheduler to send messages on a particular time. One amazing feature of WhatsAuto is that it also supports spreadsheet.

WhatsAuto works for normal SMS messages also. The app saves multiple replies of your choice such as Can’t talk at the moment or I am on work and busy right now and many more such replies. And delivers them automatically as it has an in-built smart reply feature. Moreover it also keeps backups of your chats for easy recovery.

IM Auto Reply 

-》At fourth position comes the another amazing app which is IM Auto Reply. It allows you to send automatic responses from many social media apps including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line and many more applications. You just have sync IM auto reply with the application you want to reply from. You are already provided many responses in the app but you can also add new replies according to your need. You are free to add as many responses and then finally select the contacts and groups you want to reply. You can exclude people whom you think are not much important to answer now. You can also select the time frame in which you want to send the reply.

5 Best Automatic Reply Apps for Android- WhatsApp Mod

Auto Reply For WA 

-》Auto Reply for WA is at last in the list of our best 5 WhatsApp auto reply apps but offers very attractive features. Firstly it works for both business as well as for personal use. Through this app you can send replies together to the multiple chats. So none of your friend, family member or colleague will be left un replied. You can select different replies for different contacts so that you can focus only on your work and you will not be disturbed in between your work. Moreover you can set the replies for the unsaved numbers as well.

All your contacts, groups, and unknown contacts will be answered according to your scheduled time. This app also hides your last seen and can even pause it. Moreover it can reply to normal SMS messages and keeps a backup of your all types of chats. And at last you can modify and personalize your auto replies and can even add emoji to it.


-》So these are the few best WhatsApp auto reply apps through which you can easily send automated replies to your friends and relatives, that you are busy at the moment and will contact them later. You can completely focus on your work and will never face delays in responses to the text messages. So your relation with your friends and family will become good and it will also help you to grow your business. 

Moreover some times people may get disturbed and irritated by the constant ringing and vibrations of phone due to the messages. And you are not in the mood to reply them and want to spend some time alone. So these WhatsApp auto reply apps will do the task of instant replies on your behalf. So now select your favourite one and which is most suitable for your device. Install it now and just amaze your friends. Meanwhile you can also check our blog on best WhatsApp mods. These mods offers tons of amazing features that the official WhatsApp lacks in.

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