9+ Best Apps to Lock WhatsApp Chat For Android Device

9+ Best Apps to Lock WhatsApp Chat For Android Device
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We live in an era where most of us have locks for our phone. With the security features improving where we currently have the face unlock as well, we have started utilizing these features to keep certain things only to our eyes. WhatsApp, with over billions of users using the app, have even developed and rolled out a recent feature of locking the platform using the fingerprint. Although most of us do have a separate app lock feature in our mobiles, this feature that rolled out seemed to have helped those who didn’t have either. But then not all mobiles had this feature visible on their phones which became quite an issue for those who wished they had. Not just that, the feature allowed you to only lock the entire WhatsApp as a whole and not individual chats you might want to lock up. You wouldn’t want other eyes scrolling through your messages, do you? So, today we are going to be telling you about the apps which you can use to lock your WhatsApp. Check them out.

Best Apps to Lock WhatsApp

Here are the best apps to lock whatsapp:


If you are seeking for the platform which is able to conceal particular chats or groups, then this is the right one. This makes it one of the best and widely chosen platforms which restricts any unauthorized access to your personal chats.

  • Free to use and no in-app purchases.
  • You don’t need to worry about the battery drainage or consumption as this uses up less power of yours.
  • Supports fingerprint lock as well along with pin and pattern.
  • You can lock out the whole platform itself or you can choose the particular chats or groups which you want to conceal.

Lockdown Pro

This is another excellent choice for securing your WhatsApp chats. This has some features which you probably shouldn’t miss out. We are sure you would love this one.

  • This supports both fingerprint, pin or pattern as the lock feature.
  • You can not only lock WhatsApp but you can also lock for other platforms.
  • This reveals a fake error dialogue message whenever some unauthorized user is trying to access your device.
  • One of the most remarkable features is that it sends an email along with the picture of the person who was trying to use your phone. This way, you can be aware.


Here is another one on this list which not only locks up WhatsApp but also your gallery, media and other messaging apps which you might be having.

9+ Best Apps to Lock WhatsApp Chat For Android Device- WhatsApp Mod

apps to lock whatsapp

  • This app is trusted by many as it does the hiding perfectly well. With this, you can hide media like pictures or videos which are personal from others.
  • The chats are hidden with a cover over them so that other users won’t be able to access without the right password being entered.
  • You can lock the platforms with passwords of your choice.
  • As mentioned, it can be used for even your gallery or other platforms where you message or chat.

ChatLock +

If you are seeking a light weighted platform with an easy interface for locking platforms apart from WhatsApp, then ChatLock+ is the one you should go for.

  • You can even use this to lock other applications like gallery with a PIN.
  • By using the auto-lock feature, you can set the time of the lock. Rather than entering your pin every time, you can adjust the timing according to your convenience.
  • It has a simple and easy user interface for you to understand.
  • This also clicks the picture of the person who had tried accessing your mobile so in this way you can know who it was.

App Lock – Fingerprint

If you have a phone which supports or has the fingerprint sensor feature, we recommend you to use this one. This is another great application on the list which locks your WhatsApp.

  • As mentioned, it uses a fingerprint sensor to lock the WhatsApp platform.
  • No one would ever know you are using the app lock as it shows a fake cover over the screen when the app is used.
  • If anyone else tries to use your phone or the app, the platform clicks the photo of the intruder and sends it to your email.
  • It can also support password or pin as the lock method. It also prevents the screen from turning off, unlike the other ones.

App Lock- Pin and Pattern lock

Whether you like to lock using pin or password or even pattern, this is that platform which supports all modes of lock methods.

  • If you are looking for the best privacy and security app, then this is the right one. You can lock up the entire gallery as well so as to ensure you unlock before you want to share any media.
  • When anyone tries to use the platform and enters an incorrect credential, they are displayed with a fake cover message.
  • You can’t reach inside the WhatsApp platform without entering the right credentials whether it is pin or pattern.

Private App Lock

Here is another one which is for those who are looking out for a light-weighted platform to secure their apps apart from WhatsApp.

  • You can use this for any other social media or chatting platforms which you might use.
  • This supports all types of lock methods such as pin or pattern.
  • This is as well another platform which clicks pictures of the intruder who tries to access or use your device and sends it to your email.
  • Along with that, this also shows and reveals a fake cover message along with the picture who had tried to get access to any of the locked platforms.

DoMobile Lab’s lock

Another one on the list is DoMobile Lab’s lock. This is quite a popular platform which has over 400+ million users for its features.

  • It is able to conceal your gallery. Whether it is your photos or even videos, they are concealed separately and no one will be able to know if you are using it.
  • You are given a bunch of theme options for this lock platform.
  • The invisible pattern feature helps you in hiding the exact pattern from others to see.
  • Not just that, one of the unique features of this platform is that, it can lock up the incoming calls as well.


This is another unique platform for those who are willing to use it for WhatsApp locking. As like the above, you have the data stored as different vaults.

  • This platform searches up the incoming calls you receive from the inquiry box.
  • You can hide out the vault from other people. Just hide the documents, files or media in it. Don’t worry, they get backed up in the cloud where you can retrieve from them later.
  • You also have the option to set up the recovery mail in case you happen to forget the pin or the unlocking credentials.


Security is not just about locks and credentials, but it is also about keeping an eye out for malicious data and infected files. Avast is an app which serves as both lock and monitoring the security.

  • This scans the device for any sort of threats or malicious data which is present in the device.
  • There are other inbuilt features for scanning the device as a whole.
  • You can use this platform as a lock application as well.


So, these are the best apps to lock whatsapp chats easily and without any problem. With many other applications which are present for the same purpose, the above ones are quite popular and are being used by a lot of users. Whether it involves securing your device as a whole or just locking up the platform, you can use them for the purpose you need. To ensure unauthorized users or other eyes aren’t seeing what is meant for you, you can use these apps for solving those purposes.

Hope you’ve liked the article. If you have any query related to this article, you can ask us via the comment section.

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